Amateur (Ham) Radio Station: KD6DXA

KD6DXA QSL Card - Revised July 2019.jpg

I have been a licensed ham radio operator (callsign KD6DXA) since 1991 when I was 13 years old. I am a third-generation ham radio operator; my dad George A. Fruhling is WA6SOP, and my grandmother Velma Fruhling (silent key) had the call sign WA6TOA.

Although my interests in ham radio are varied, I mainly enjoy CW (Morse code) and SSB (Single Sideband) ragchewing and the occasional contest. I am still proud of the fact that I was able to pass the 20-words-per-minute Morse code exam back when that was still a requirement for an Extra class license. I enjoy QRP (low power) and homebrewing my own ham radio equipment. And I especially enjoy collecting QSL cards, so please send me your card (direct) if we've had the pleasure of a contact on the air!

I am also a member of the Quarter Century Wireless Association (QCWA Member #38045) and the International Morse Preservation Society CW FISTS Club (FISTS Member #19428).

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